Kyara Cascante

"When we take action and inspire someone the world changes."

Hi! I am from the province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. . I live within the humid tropical forest on the mountain. . I am a student, Champion of the Escazú Agreement and I fight to preserve nature because high carbon emissions are polluting the air we breathe.

My story

years ago I participated in the school’s science and technology fair, a space where advances could be made to preserve. Then I looked for activities in the school to participate in cultural issues and it was in 2019 when I created recycling workshops to promote education. These topics led me to preCOP25 in Costa Rica, where I learned that “if I don’t do anything about it, all this will continue to happen, but I can’t stay without doing anything.”

“My life took a turn and, since then, I have been involved with many campaigns, especially those of the community in search of arborization, reforestation and recycling.”

My actions

In my house there have always been many plants and I used to think that the same thing happened to everyone, until I realized that reality was not like that and I was inspired to make the decision to act.

I live in a very healthy community in environmental matters and we have a large forest cover. However, there is air pollution due to emissions from vehicles.

My concrete actions within the community have been mainly to tree a part of the Canton plant and also to reforest a private farm in order to offset carbon emissions.

My present

Now I have had to reinvent myself and, to continue making a virtual impact, I have participated in digital awareness campaigns for preservation and I have signed petitions to preserve either animals or forests. I have also been part of several important parliaments in Costa Rica to talk about environmental laws, which is extremely important because otherwise, if it had not been virtual, perhaps I would not be in that space.

Succulent research

One of the actions that I have done during the pandemic was to start research on succulents on how they manage carbon and how they use energy from water and the process of photosynthesis. I have discovered and learned that succulents, specifically CAM plants, are energy efficient in terms of absorbing water and accumulating carbon.

Every human being emits CO2 when breathing, that is why we must compensate our CO2 emitted with plants, in the case of succulents, it’s a good recommendation to have them, they are full of water and have a high carbon administration.

I dream that people make up for what they get out of the ground. . I dream of offsetting those carbon emissions. . I dream that what they use and what they do are congruent with the consciousness of thought and its actions. All this is for me is the perfect world, it is sustainability.